Five Reasons to Roll with Real Travel France

1. Teeny Tiny Tours: Real Travel France tours are limited to six participants. That means the experience remains real. You won’t travel like a tourist or stand out as a group, rather you’ll get personalized attention from two qualified and enthusiastic resident tour leaders in a very small and intimate setting. Because groups are small, the inns, lodges, eateries and restaurants we visit can be small as well. Translation: real.

2. Resident Regional Experts:  All leaders and support staff live right here in the south of France. We aren’t traveling guides that lead tours all over the world. We do not focus on the next big adventure for us, but on sharing the love of our home region of French Catalonia with you. It’s about discovery, appreciation, soaking in the details. Traveling with us is like visiting friends with all the local secrets.

3. Professional Organization: Avery comes with a solid career history in organizing and managing. Everyone involved is a detailed planner. But what makes us especially good at what we do is our ability to adapt to changing situations and needs. We’re an intimate team and our spontaneity shows this.


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4. Uninsulated, Real Experience:  Real Travel France tours stray away from the insulated luxury experience. Expect real people and real places on a food and wine bike tour with us. You’ll meet the organic vintner who plows between vines with his mule, the barefoot beekeeper who says happy bees make the best honey, the olive oil producers who keep their decanting vats in the basement of their village house and many other real people and products. Expect to be spoiled by simplicity and authenticity, not luxury extravagance (though we do believe the taste of an organic vine ripe fruit or an artisan cheese made on the same land where the herd grazes can be pretty luxurious).

5. Affordable, Organic Food and Wine Bike Tours:  Avery’s pretty much all there is behind Real Travel France (with the invaluable help of family, friends and local businesses). She handles everything from bike tour itinerary planning to bike maintenance to  website development and marketing . That means you pay for personalized service and planning, not staffing overhead.  The idea is to maintain a small, quality business that partners with other small entrepreneurs with sincere ethics. That means pricing at Real Travel France remains reasonable.

Besides that, the personalized attention on tour can’t be matched by other large tour companies. Real Travel France tours really embody the French concept of table and terroir—all the elements of a place expressed in the culinary products of that place, like the taste of sun and sea in olives or the unique mineral notes in a wine. It’s not just talk, it’s our life, and we’re pleased to share it with you.