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Real Recipe: Cherries in Eau de Vie

Farm to French president’s table…

Our region of France is famous for producing the first cherries of the year, the sunniest region of France. The nearby village of Céret even holds the annual honor of sending a package of the country’s first cherries to the French president.

Though there are many things to be done with cherries ripened by a French southern sun, we think one of the easiest is preserving them in eau de vie (the french word for spirits made from just about anything). Literal translation: water of life. You have to love the French outlook, non? They have a saying about cherries preserved in this “water of life”…macerate them in water of life and they’ll keep for all your life. But chances are they’ll get eaten way before the end!

We use rum for our alcohol preserved cherries. Tiny tip, once the cherries are gone the cherry flavored rum makes for gorgeous drinks.

Here’s the farm to table recipe for handpicked cherries:

1 kilo of organic cherries

300 grams of raw organic sugar

1 liter of eau de vie

1. pick the cherries with their stems, rinse in cold water and lay out to dry
2. cut the stems to 1 to 2 cm, then fill large size canning jars without mashing or crushing the cherries
3. fill the jars with enough eau de vie to cover the cherriesadd the sugar
4. close the jars, shake, and store in a cool, dark place for 6 months

They’ll keep for years like this.

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